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Co-founder, Dr. Rob Hunter, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the regulatory and clinical trial space to VHRC. With over 25 years of experience in regulatory affairs, drug development, and clinical research, he has worked extensively with both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as academic and government agencies.

His experience in FDA regulatory affairs is particularly valuable to VHRC clients, as he has a deep understanding of the regulatory framework for the development of new drugs and therapies. This knowledge allows him to provide VHRC clients with guidance to navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that clinical trials are conducted in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Regulatory Expertise

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Rob Hunter, MS, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Science & Regulatory Officer


In addition to his regulatory expertise, Dr. Hunter's experience in clinical research and drug development includes work on numerous clinical trials, from early-phase studies to large-scale, pivotal trials, and has a deep understanding of the clinical trial process from start to finish. This knowledge allows him to advise clients about trial design, patient recruitment, data analysis, and other critical aspects of clinical research.

His relationships within the global animal health industry and Kansas City Animal Health Corridor are valuable VHRC assets for his work with a range of stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, and government agencies. This network allows sponsors and collaborators access to partnerships that can help advance the development of new treatments.

Dr. Hunter's expertise in regulatory affairs, clinical research, and drug development, combined with his industry relationships, enables VHRC to conduct clinical trials in compliance with all applicable regulations, design trials that are both rigorous and efficient, and foster partnerships that can advance the development of sponsors’ products.

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