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Meet the Team


Joel Ehrenzweig, DVM, MRCVS
Founder & CEO


Dr. Ehrenzweig received a B.S. in Biology from the City College of New York and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Honors Standing from the Ontario Veterinary College.  During twenty-five years of multi-site clinical practice, Dr. Ehrenzweig owned five animal hospitals in New York City and three in Boston. He has held technical service, turn-around, marketing, and consulting positions for companies within both the human and animal health industries.

Dr. Ehrenzweig’s industry experience includes positions as Site Director for Covance, as well as business development roles at leading CROs, which offered global access to unique and comprehensive clinical research and furthered insights into how tomorrow’s science will benefit pets and their people. His entrepreneurial passion for biotech research continues to support pre-clinical human science that may also facilitate the translation of these cutting-edge developments into the animal health arena. 

Before coming to market, every new product intended for use for people must travel a pre-clinical route that tests its safety and efficacy for the purpose for which it is being developed. Many of the medical and surgical problems that physicians diagnose and treat are similar to conditions experienced by animals, including cancer, inflammatory disease, and age-related conditions.


Since validated large animal research models are often unavailable for these indications, VHRC taps into the skills and expertise of a global veterinary network to identify and enroll client-owned patients that can be used in clinical studies.  This first-to-market initiative expedites clinical trials for new products, medications, therapies, and devices for both humans and animals. VHRC accelerates life science innovations and facilitates meeting the regulatory requirements and practical marketing needs of companies.

The VHRC team’s relationships with general practices, specialists, and industry networks can reduce complexity, enhance efficiency, and accelerate the development of products for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide, as well as large and small pharma and biotechs.

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Rob Hunter, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Science & Regulatory Officer

Rob Hunter, Ph.D., is an industry-leading Veterinary Pharmacologist who brings over twenty-eight years of veterinary and human drug development and FDA/USDA regulatory experience to VHRC.

Dr. Hunter completed his Ph.D. in Veterinary Pharmacology at Louisiana State University and received an MS in Veterinary Physiology at Texas A&M University. An internationally recognized subject matter expert on pharmacokinetics, antimicrobial PK/PD, interspecies allometry, drug metabolism, tissue residues for human food safety with bioanalytical support, he has served on and chaired Animal Health Institute committees and has represented the U.S. veterinary pharmaceutical industry on the VICH BE expert committee.

An adjunct professor at the University of Kansas and instructor at Kansas State University, he is President of the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics; an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Journal of Zoo & Wildlife Medicine, Research in Zoology, American Journal of Bioavailability & Bioequivalence, and the Journal of Primates.


Working with NASA, Pfizer AH, Elanco, Parnell, and Provetica, Dr. Hunter has contributed to the US and/or global approvals of Revolution®, Dectomax®, Aviax®, Doxidyl™, A180®, tylosin, Micotil®, Ovugel®, Kexxtone®, ractopamine, Experior®, Posilac®, and Pulmotil®. Representing companies at conferences and at regulatory meetings with CVM/FDA, EMA/CVMP, APVMA, VDD (Canada), NVQRS/QIA (South Korea), Thailand FDA, NVAL (Japan), Ministry of Agriculture (Vietnam), and IVDC (China).

As VHRC's Chief Science & Regulatory Officer, Dr. Hunter focuses on

  • Veterinary drug approval & regulation

  • Antimicrobial agents including antibiotics, biosimilars Susceptibility testing, and pharmacodynamics

  • Veterinary pharmacology and pharmacokinetics

  • Veterinary bioequivalence

  • One Health and Translational Veterinary Medicine as a Service (TVMaaS) 

  • Pre-clinical and GLP studies in companion, food production, and minor species (MUMS)

  • Regulatory guidance for animals, human food safety, dossiers

  • Veterinary product development, market assessment, veterinary devices

  • Drug metabolism, animal safety

  • Residue withdrawal times, marker and total residue studies 

  • Regulatory and strategic consulting

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