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VHRC offers field support services to biotechnological, device, and biopharmaceutical companies, and entrepreneurs, as well as academia and research institutes.


VHRC provides stakeholders access to outsourced research services through field trials conducted by expert veterinary practice teams.  Multi-centric or region-specific effective data is delivered expeditiously and cost-effectively. The crowdsourcing of veterinary clinical trial sites—including general practices and specialty hospitals featuring advanced equipment and expert skill sets—enables VHRC to supply real-world results from proof-of-concept to commercialization.


Each VHRC Partner Practice site receives advanced GCP/EDC training and a rigorous validation process prior to the initiation of each project. VHRC Partner Practices include acclaimed regional referral centers to niche specialists that can focus on fulfilling esoteric patient enrollment requirements.


General practitioners with VHRC specialize in the everyday problems facing pets, owners, and caregivers.

Clinical trials contribute to the safety and efficacy of new medications, therapies, and devices for both humans and animals. VHRC is designed to reduce complexity, enhance efficiency, and deliver solutions that accelerate clinical trials.


The VHRC team is refreshingly entrepreneurial and looks forward to discussing ideas/projects/products that can benefit animal health. Onsite monitors and/or remote telepresence capabilities ensure quality data collection.


Quality Data

VHRC Partner Practices are centers of excellence dedicated to providing quality data collection.

VHRC staff assists educates and supports practice team members to ensure that high-quality, in-clinic research delivers novel health solutions for veterinarians and their clients.

VHRC continually seeks to expedite market access for sponsors and enable new solutions for the global animal health community.

Our Goals

VHRC practice teams collect, collate, analyze, and report data from in-clinic evaluations and treatment regimens.

VHRC can expedite global market access to products to treat and improve the health and quality of life of animals.

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