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About Us

We were pet owners before we were veterinarians, and we still care for and want the best for our furry friends, especially when it comes to their health. Veterinary Health Research Centers is committed to improving the lives of pets through clinical trials that offer hope and potential new treatments for a range of conditions that affect pets and their people.

By working closely with veterinary practices that host clinical studies, we not help our animal companions but also contribute to One Health by providing valuable data that can go on to support the development of treatments for human conditions, as well. This is especially true for naturally occurring conditions such as cancer, cognitive decline, inflammation, immune-mediated diseases, rare and low-incidence conditions (MUMS).

We take pride in our win-win-win study offerings, which benefit the companies and organizations that sponsor trials, the veterinarians and staff who conduct them, and the selfless caregivers who understand their involvement benefits not only their pet, but generations that follow.

From the outset, we believed that, by working together with all stakeholders, we could make a significant impact in the life sciences industry by looking for safe and effective treatment options for pets. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed—VHRC is honored to have been selected as a finalist in the Most Innovative Start-up Company category of the Citeline Awards 2023.

We appreciate this prestigious biotech industry support and look forward to making even more strides in health research in the future.

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