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About Us


Veterinary Health Research Centers:

Prioritizing One Health and Clinical Trials


Before stepping into our roles as veterinarians, we were passionate pet owners. At VHRC, our core belief is in ensuring optimum health. We aim to transform the lives of both pets and people through pioneering clinical trials that pave the way for innovative treatments for various conditions.

By collaborating closely with leading veterinary practices that champion clinical research, we not only advance the well-being of animals but also bolster the One Health initiative. Our work provides significant insights into treatments for human ailments, especially those pertaining to naturally occurring conditions like cancer, cognitive decline, inflammation, immune-mediated disorders, and rare conditions (MUMS).

Our tri-fold advantage approach ensures benefits for trial sponsors, dedicated veterinarians, and altruistic pet caregivers alike. These caregivers recognize the profound impact their participation can have, not only on the health of their pets but also in setting the groundwork for the well-being of future generations.

From our inception, we've been driven by a vision: to bridge the gap between stakeholders and catalyze breakthroughs in life sciences by introducing safe and effective treatment avenues for pets. Our dedication and innovation haven't gone unnoticed. We're proud to announce that VHRC is a finalist in the "Most Innovative Start-up Company" category at the Citeline Awards 2023.

As accolades from the biotech sector come our way, our commitment and zeal for leading further advancements in health research remain unwavering.

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