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Veterinary Health Research Centers


Pharma, healthcare and biotech scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs constantly face pressure as they develop innovative products designed to improve treatment outcomes and prolong the health and quality of life for people and animals.


Clinical trials are an essential step in this fast-paced and ever-evolving product development process. To ensure success, every product and device intended for use in pets (and their people) must be ‘clinically proven’. This involves studies to carefully test, monitor, and establish the safety and efficacy of a new device or product before it enters the market.


This can be a challenging and costly process for companies with limited budgets and resources and many struggle to bring their innovations to market.


VHRC is a recognized biotech innovator with a track record of cost-effectively expediting clinical trials for new technologies, products, medications, therapies, and devices. The company has accomplished this by specialization in developing and conducting clinical studies in partnership with specialist and general practice veterinarians. By accessing a global community with diverse skills, insights, deep experience, and expertise, VHRC can identify and enroll patients with a wide range of spontaneously developed naturally occurring diseases in heterogeneous populations.


VHRC’s collaborative network of solution-focused experts provides sponsors with access to real-world data for translational and species-specific pre-IND, pre-INAD, and Proof-of-Concept studies for the most significant health challenges facing people and pets today, including cognitive decline, cancer, inflammatory and organ disease, immune-mediated, rare and low-incidence (MUMS) diseases.


The Future of Veterinary Medicine, today


VHRC Partner Practices expedite clinical trials that lead to the discovery of safe and effective new products, medications, therapies, and devices for both humans and animals.

VHRC’s wide-ranging relationships with traditional Contract Research Organizations (CROs) reduce complexity, enhance efficiency and accelerate the early development of animal health products. 

VHRC Certified Practices provide comprehensive clinical study solutions for large and small pharmas, biotechs, entrepreneurs, and innovators worldwide, delivering faster and more efficient cost-effective programs than traditional venues.

Research Projects



Joint Health

Canine and Feline



Canine and Feline


Allergic Dermatitis


Canine and Feline


Advanced Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Canine, Feline, Equine



Canine and Feline


 Surgical Innovations

Canine and Feline

Captura de tela 2023-01-12 195314.png

Diagnostic Innovations

Canine and Feline


Cognitive Decline

 Model for

Alzheimer's Disease

Canine and Feline

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