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Veterinary Health Research Centers

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Scientists and entrepreneurs in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries focus on the development of innovative products that can improve and prolong the health and quality of life for people and animals.

Before coming to market, each new product must travel a route that tests its safety and efficacy for the purpose for which it is being developed. Every successful product and device intended for use for pets (and their people) has to be ‘clinically proven’.

Veterinary specialists and general practitioners diagnose, treat and care for patients who are brought to them with a wide-ranging variety of medical complaints. 

VHRC is a first-to-market initiative that delivers the broad experience, skill, and expertise of veterinary practices to meet the regulatory and practical marketing needs of companies supporting the health of animals.



The Future of Veterinary Medicine, today


VHRC Partner Practices expedite clinical trials that lead to the discovery of safe and effective new products, medications, therapies, and devices for both humans and animals.

VHRC’s wide-ranging relationships with traditional Contract Research Organizations (CROs) reduce complexity, enhance efficiency and accelerate the early development of animal health products. 

VHRC Certified Practices provide comprehensive clinical study solutions for large and small pharmas, biotechs, entrepreneurs, and innovators worldwide, delivering faster and more efficient cost-effective programs than traditional venues.

Research Projects



Joint Health

Canine and Feline



Canine and Feline


Allergic Dermatitis


Canine and Feline


Advanced Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Canine, Feline, Equine



Canine and Feline


 Surgical Innovations

Canine and Feline

Captura de tela 2023-01-12 195314.png

Diagnostic Innovations

Canine and Feline


Cognitive Decline

 Model for

Alzheimer's Disease

Canine and Feline

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