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Pet Owners

When pet owners come across an announced VHRC clinical trial that seems suitable for their pet, it is recommended that they register online. Upon registration, a VHRC coordinator will get in touch to discuss the case further and assess whether the pet is a good fit for the trial.

If there is a suitable opening in the specific clinical program, the pet owner will be scheduled for a phone interview to gather more information about their pet's medical history, condition, and other relevant details. This step is essential to determine if the pet is a suitable candidate for the trial and ensure their safety and well-being throughout the study.

If the pet is deemed a good match for the clinical trial during the phone interview, the next step involves scheduling an in-depth consultation with a primary veterinary investigator. This consultation provides the pet owner with an opportunity to ask questions, discuss the clinical trial in detail, and better understand the potential benefits and risks involved. It also allows the veterinary investigator to thoroughly examine the pet, further ensuring that they are an appropriate candidate for the study.

By following this process, pet owners can confidently participate in VHRC clinical trials, contributing to the advancement of veterinary medicine and potentially improving the quality of life for their pets.

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